With support from McVane Consulting, small business owners sleep better at night because they know they’ve done all they can with the time they have, and nothing should fall through the cracks.  Sometimes, this means addressing issues the owners already know about – but just can’t find the time for.  Sometime it involves identifying new issues – unknown to the owners – and addressing those as well. And sometimes, we will help you identify other experts to provide more specialized support for the business.

McVane Consulting offers three types of services:

Starter Business – Check-Up.  This is intended as a basic review of a business that is up-and-running but still finding its way. The owners probably have a good idea of their personal goals and a good idea of how they expect to succeed.  But there is still plenty of ground to cover in defining the full breadth of the business organization and competitive posture.  And there is probably a growing list of problems and concerns accumulating as the business grows.

Established Business – Comprehensive Exam. This is intended as a comprehensive review of the business – its operations, its competitive position, and its prospects.  This includes everything in the Check-Up, but digs deeper into the details of what is probably a larger and more complicated business.

Specialized Services. This encompasses many specific projects and activities that can be provided as follow up to the Check-Up or Comprehensive Exam – or as standalone projects for business owners who already have a good understanding of needed improvements. With our focus on the small business owner’s success, we routinely help identify other providers of more specialized business services – CPA firms, tax experts, IT experts, whatever is required.