about_bio_picMcVane Consulting was created to provide action-oriented management consulting to small business owners. With the full breadth of business demands on their shoulders, small business owners must personally cover all the bases that large corporations cover with fully staffed departments and support functions – marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, accounting, purchasing, staffing, logistics, facilities.

McVane Consulting’s mission is to be the small business owner’s best friend in cutting through the clutter and identifying the critical issues and opportunities – and most important next steps to take. And it can help implement those next steps by acting on the owner’s behalf to ensure things get done.

Think of McVane Consulting as an extension of yourself, available to expand your business knowledge and perspective, and to tackle some of the issues you just can’t find time for.

We bring:

  • Perspective – 30 years of broad experience with businesses of all sizes
  • Clarity – ability to cut through the clutter to identify the most important issues and opportunities
  • Bandwidth – maturity, skill and energy to act as extension of owner’s personal bandwidth