McVane Consulting brings several perspectives to his work with small businesses.

From Intel, Dan learned to balance two roles.  First, he acts as a business partner to owners and leaders – helping them to make better business decisions and focusing their time and resources on improving business performance and profits.  Second, he acts as a performance coach – challenging their assumptions, improving their understanding of their businesses, and pushing them to perform better.

In his work with small businesses, Dan sees his role as “primary care business doctor.” He helps address current concerns and problems – and also helps improve the long-term health and performance of the business.  This role covers the full breadth of the owner’s role and the business operations – from marketing to operations to human relations to accounting – as a business generalist.  In this role, he also helps the business owner understand when they need to involve more specialized (and expensive) experts – from IT experts to build internal systems to CPA’s to keep abreast of evolving tax law.

As a business owner, think of McVane Consulting as an extension of yourself – bringing years of experience across a full breadth of business activity and, most importantly, with the time available to tackle all those tasks and projects and improvements that you can never quite get to.